Travel to La Tania

Travel is not included in our prices. We recommend you book your method of travel early to obtain the most competitive price. Our flexible travel arrangements allow you to maximise your ski time depending on your choice.


planeTo facilitate airport transfers, we use Geneva (2hrs) and Chambery (1hr 15mins) airports. With this in mind, please try to book flights that arrive at the
airport between 09.00 and 15.00 and depart between 10.00 and 17.00.

Flights into Lyon or Grenoble available by arrangement only, please get in touch before you book.

The following airlines have regular flights that fit these timings:

If you plan on skiing on the last day and taking one of the later flights at 20h00/21h00, please clear this with the bookings office to ensure we can accommodate your transfer.


Flexible and less expensive with 4 in the car.  Takes approximately 8/9 hours from Calais with tolls costing around 70€ each way.  Options to
Calais include, a fast efficient service taking 35mins from Folkstone to Calais,
or by ferry, a comfortable 75 minute journey and a great place to eat before you
hit the A26.

For many with a family self drive is the only way.  Motorway all the way; once off the boat, you will not see a traffic light until
Moutiers.  More importantly you can take as much baggage as you like and don’t forget the shopping on the way home. has access to all ferry services in Europe, including the tunnel. All routes to France are detailed on their website.

Many guests prefer to stop over en route and extend their holiday.

There are many options all very easy to find from the motorway, reasonably priced and simple to book on line:

Plus there are many French chambre d’hote if you want to experience a real taste of France.

By Train

train Very family friendly, good child, teen and senior discounts offered !

Relaxing journey, allowing you to start your holiday as soon as you board, and only a short 25mins transfer from Moutiers to your Chalet or hotel.

There are three options with Eurostar:

  1. A Saturday daytime service leaving London St Pancras or Ashford international station approximately 09h00 arriving in Moutiers at 17h00.
  2. An overnight service, leaving London Friday night, arriving in Moutiers at 05h30. We can collect at 07h00, take you for breakfast, and ski fit
    in our Hotel Telemark, ensuring you will be on the hill in no time.
  3. New this year, London to Geneva in just 6hrs 15mins, day time trains on Monday, Thursday,
    Saturday and Sunday, we can offer you a direct transfer of around 2hrs to your chalet or hotel.